GAME To Sell Digital PS3 Titles And DLC


GAME have signed a deal with Sony Europe which will see them sell Digital downloadable PS3 games, DLC and PlayStation Plus Subscriptions.

From today, 42 Game and Gamestation shops will start selling the digitial content.

It is expected to reach all 620 Stores in the UK by mid-September. Every product will be priced individually based on the title itself. For example, the GOW collection will cost £24.99 and you will also be able to purchase items such as the Killzone 3 Steel Rain Map Pack for £3.99.

At present this will only be available to first-party games such as MAG and GOW. It is expected to expand to third-party games in the future.

This is sure to be a massive deal for GAME to sell digital content for the PlayStation 3 and will surely boost their sales in the UK.

Will you be buying digital content from GAME or do you still prefer to purchase stuff directly from the PSN store. Let us know below.

Source: Eurogamer

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