GAME Will Sell OnLive MicroConsole This Christmas


Good news for all you cloud based gaming fans out there, you will be able to purchase an OnLive MicroConsole this Christmas exclusively from GAME.

Thanks to a deal between the two parties, the MicroConsole will available to purchase via GAME first, whilst other retailers should be able to sell the system sometime in 2012. The MicroConsole allows you to play games via OnLive without the need for a PC.

Speaking to MCV, OnLive CEO Steve Perlman stated the following:

“There’s going to be a number of things we’re doing. Consumers will be able to play demos on GAME’s website, buy the OnLive game system in stores as well as top-up cards like XBLA and iTunes vouchers.”

OnLive launched in the UK on September 22nd, and recently it was reported that the service had “millions” of users.

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