Game of the Year 2017 – Our Top Ten Begins!


It’s time for the Top Ten to begin! This is a list of the ten best games according to the writers and staff of NGB – Do you agree with our picks? Let us know!


Nick: Sometimes the revisiting of classic genres can end up being a half-hearted nostalgic throw-away or a pretentious foray into disappointment. Cuphead is neither. The game’s 1930’s presentation is some of the most charming and lovelingly-crafted visuals around, topped off with a challenging and a one-more-go addictiveness that flourishes throughout the entire game.

Ben: Possibly the most unique art style I’ve ever seen in a video game, Cuphead has an amazing challenge, alongside a wonderfully fun platforming style. It’s a game that I can’t believe exists, and I’m really glad it does. Cuphead is a game that is challenging without being unfair, and I find it a whole ton of fun.


Ben: I’m not a JRPG fan as a rule, but NieR: Automata’s brilliant storytelling achieved through multiple playthroughs really turned my head this year. By the time I got round to playing it, there were enough people talking about it to make me want to play it, and I’m glad I did. Platinum Games’ unmistakable gameplay mixed with Yoko Taro’s bizarre narrative make NieR: Automata a game that really should be checked out by anyone with an interest in slightly weird games.


Ben: PUBG is a game that came out of nowhere to become my absolute favourite multiplayer game of the year. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been itching to play it, even though I’m terrible at it. A game that exists almost primarily for Twitch, it’s a ton of fun to play, and even more fun to watch. PUBG has been the most fun I’ve had with a multiplayer game for years, and it’s also terrified me in spots as well. A brilliant game that has sent shockwaves throughout the industry.

Charles: The game mechanics are difficult to get used to, (especially as you can often enter a game and have 0 chances to fire a weapon before you are deleted from the server) however, when you get a “chicken dinner” the adrenaline rush is tremendous! very similar to clutching a round in CS:GO. Dropping in as a squad is also great fun. This has aso been one of my favourite games to watch on Twitch this year (probably because I am so bad at it!).


Gari: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a familiar feeling game in terms of its mechanics and such, but thanks to a change in direction for the series, it gives the franchise a fresh and exciting new approach. The game still has its spectacle and heart that the series is famous for, but thanks to a new story direction, characters stories that haven’t been explained in previous games and incredible set pieces that Uncharted is famous for, Naughty Dog has created another blockbuster and one of 2017’s standout titles.

Robin: The Lost Legacy managed to take us to another beautiful set of locations within the Uncharted universe, whilst also expanding on the characters of several prominent supporting cast members. Musically, visually and historically interesting, Lost Legacy more than lives up to the highest of standards previously set by the series, without feeling like a lightweight add-on or a re-tread of things we have done before.


Nick: Wolfenstein II goes against the current gaming landscape of online competition and lame micro transactions to a deliver a game that restores your faith in the single player shooter genre with its special brand of fast-paced shooting and interesting plot and personality.

And there we go! Join us tomorrow for our Top Five! Which game will triumph on the grandest stage of them all? (Well, our list of games wot we dun liked in twenty seventeen)

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