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GameChanger Programme Launch & EASPORTS Want Your Ideas


EA Sports has relaunched the GameChanger programme – their newest campaign to try and involve the community with their suite of games.

The programme itself surrounds the ‘GameChangers’ – a number of influential members from the EA Sports community – who are going to be empowered to “use their expert knowledge […] to inform, entertain, and assist others”, which will be done through videos and blogposts released on the GameChanger site. Alongside this, the GameChangers will be involved more directly with the development and support of the games via “focused feedback”.

As part of this relaunch, “My Game Idea” has been launched. The service aims to allow people to post ideas for improvements and fixes on the website, which can then be voted up/down and discussed by others.

So take a look, and get involved – there is more information on who the GameChangers are here, how you might become one here, and, the opportunity to contribute with Your ‘Game Idea’ here.

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