Games with Gold August 2017


The Games with Gold August line up has just been announced and it’s a beauty.

First up on Xbox One is Slime Rancher – A sci-fi slime cowboy games, obviously. Slime Rancher is currently in the Game Preview program and is due to be released officially on August 1st which is coincidentally, or not, the day it becomes free on Games with Gold. The game actually looks like a lot of fun and the art style is ridiculously cutesy and stylish. Slime Rancher is available throughout the entire month where it’s met on August 16th by Trials Fusion.

Trials Fusion is a physics based driving/racing game that requires you to navigate ridiculous courses. Much rage will be had playing the game but there’s nothing more satisfying than nailing a tricky a level. Trials Fusion will be available to download between 16th August and 15th September for Xbox One.

It wouldn’t be Games with Gold without a couple of Xbox 360 games so here goes it. From the 1st August through to the 15th you’ll be able to download Bayonetta. Bayonetta is one of those games that I class as a proper video game. It’s ridiculous. Has massive boss fights. Is score based and ultimately a bloody hoot to play.

From the 16th of August Bayonetta will be replaced by Red Faction: Armageddon. I never actually played this game it was released but I did play its predecessor. It was by no means a GoTY contender but a hell of a lot of fun nonetheless. Like Guerilla, Armageddon features the GeoMod mechanic allowing you to terraform levels to complete puzzles and set up dynamic cover for gun fights. It should be a treat!



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