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Gamescom Code To Be Full Of (E)Motion


The latest PES 2010 code has been doing the rounds, as they say, and so far everyone has confirmed that the animations have now been implemented. Not all mind, but a recognisable chunk of new movements have been spoken of. I don’t want to go into it, in respect of the many friends I’ve been talking to, but safe to say Konami have kept their promises to us about mo-cap being implemented before release.

Given this news, its now obvious that the Gamescom code (event 10 days away) will have PES 2010 in a decent state. Its already been confirmed to me that the code available will have 6/8 teams with only exhibition mode unlocked. So while its a focused demo, there’ll be enough there to judge the game on. With the animations now in, we can start to get an idea on how PES will look in motion this year.

And after a few years of disappointment for a majority of PES fans, the last thing they’ll want is excuses coming from Konami. While the game won’t be complete, the fans need to see something to get excited about. Fingers crossed Konami deliver.

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