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gamescom – EA Press Conference


gamescom 2012 is upon us and it all starts today (14th) with the EA Media Briefing at 4pm local time (3pm UK, 10am ET, 7am PT) where we’ll get to see FIFA 13 in action.

The EA Media Briefing is being live streamed at EA.com so you guys won’t miss a thing but based on the last couple of years FIFA normally ends up last in the EA line-up, so you’ll probably have to sit through details of the next Sims expansion first.

gamescom proper then starts on Wednesday 15th with the show floor open to the press before the general public get their hands on the games a day later on Thursday 16th. That’s when we’ll get our first “shakey cam” footage of live FIFA gameplay, which we know you guys love to dissect.

gamescom then closes its doors on August 19th, when our attention will then shift to the FIFA 13 demo and full retail release.

It’s going to be a big week, and we’ll have full coverage on FSB – EA Press Conf Stream

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