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gamescom – FIFA 13 Demo Details *Updated*



Our men on the inside in Cologne have paid a visit to the EA SPORTS zone at gamescom and they’ve managed to grab us the FIFA 13 Demo Details which launches on September 11th.

As always these details may not reflect the final FIFA 13 demo that arrives at your console, but the code on show at gamescom has been correct for the last few years.

You’ll be able to upload goals and images from the #FIFA13 demo to http://bit.ly/q5UtF4  – we want your goals!

The FIFA 13 demo will also include the new FIFA Match Day and Skill Games features.

FIFA 13 Demo Teams

AC Milan


Borussia Dortmund


Manchester City

FIFA 13 Demo Stadium

Etihad Stadium – Manchester City

Time – 12pm – 10pm

Weather – Clear Sky, Rain, Snow, Cloudy

FIFA 13 Demo Options

Half Length – 3 minutes

Difficulty – Amateur, Semi-Pro, Professional, World Class, Legendary

Game Speed – Slow, Normal, Fast


We’ve added a few new details above and the following screens which show the team rating with and without the FIFA Matchday values.

We’ll add more if and when we get it. Thoughts?

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