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Gamescom Press Passes Secured!


Something we didn’t want to announce until official confirmation, we’re happy to reveal WENB has secured press accreditation for the Gamescom event in Cologne! An email from the organisers today confirmed we will have full press access at the event.

Since the move from Leipzig GC to Gamescom Cologne, Europe’s biggest event has become very difficult to be accepted as press. The show at Leipzig used a two tier system, handing out green and red passes. The green for personal blogs/fansites etc, and red for recognised press (PSM3, Eurogamer etc). The red ones were really cool, giving access to a special area in the press centre (pods, free drinks etc) and allowing access to conferences. Luckily WENB always managed to snag the red passes (Suff is smoother than you think!), but things changed for Gamescom. Dropping the two tier system for just a single pass, personal blogs/fansites were one of the many factors taken out of the equation. We then heard that some freelance journalists were unable to gain accreditation too, as you need to be representing a company or site to get it.

Imagine my relief then, when seeing an email from the organsers stating we had been granted full access! We’ll now be able to provide full coverage from the event, and with a bigger team with more experience expect it to be the best show report ever!

But like i said in the podcast, August is months away, there’s going to be plenty going on before then…;)

We’ll have more news and information on our involvement much closer to the time. Gamescom is being held 19th-23rd August.

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