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gamescom – What We've Learned


The press conference is now over but don’t worry if you missed it, as always we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a handy bullet point list of all the bit’s we’ve seen from the press conference, trailer and EASportsFIFA Twitter acct.


  • Online Pro progression is now saved on the server, not offline files.
  • Online Pro for Clubs only: no more offline boosting.
  • Human Goalkeepers tuned. No more fully assisted in Clubs, tuned attributes and accomplishments.
  • Clubs now has the Online Seasons format.
  • Online Pro and CPU teammates stats based off real attributes from players in top leagues.
  • New matchmaking options to allow filtering of ANYS and human goalkeepers.
  • Maxed out Pros more realistic to real life players. Accomplishments and growth have been tuned.
  • AI teammates get better as your Club improves.
  • Free agent hub allows you to play drop in matches, trial players and look at leaderboards.


  • More matchmaking options… guests, limited expansion, club vs. international teams, etc.
  • Division titles as well as promotion.
  • New Trophy cabinet to view your accomplishments. Upgrade your cabinet as you progress.
  • 2v2 Co-op.
  • Persistent squad/team management saves.
  • Improved star level matchmaking.


  • Complete UI overhaul.
  • Now has seasons, both single player and online.
  • 5 Divisions in FUT Seasons.
  • Single-player Seasons in FUT have eligibility requirements. Online it’s all about bringing your best squad.
  • Rewards for returning players.
  • More help for new players.
  • New manager tasks help teach you the mid-level tasks of running a club.
  • TOTW Challenges that follow the real football season.
  • UT specific unlockables in EASFCC including the ability to have more squads or bigger trade piles.
  • Prizes at the end of each season based on how your squad performed.
  • Neutral moral is now the default and your squad must be tweaked to obtain high morale.
  • You can now challenge the team of the week for a reward once a week.
  • Fitness reworked to make fitness recovery items more important.



  • Real-world form, injuries, suspensions will be reflected in-game throughout the season. 
  • Real-world events like form, suspensions and media gossip feature in dynamic commentary for top leagues.
  • Games of the Week’ feature now in kick-off mode.
  • “Deepest and most meaningful real world to game integration ever.”

So there you have it. Seasons has obviously proved to be popular (as if we didn’t know) and has been pushed across other online modes. Ultimate Team will finally look like the rest of the game, Matchday looks interesting and many many gripes from Clubs have been addressed.

That’s your lot at the moment. Although the tweets will no doubt continue to pour out of the official account. We’ll keep this updated as and when we see stuff.

Happy? Impressed?

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