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Gamescom Wrap up!



We kick off this MEGA Gamescom wrap up post with a nice little bit of gameplay, don’t worry if thats not enough for you because there is tons of videos after the jump!

Video behind close doors (in dutch)


Gameplay (Leverkusen vs Madrid)


Interview with David Rutter


Gameplay and funny German man talking


Video of FIFA 11 area and then gameplay


FSB’s own gameplay footage


Gameplay – Lyon vs Juventus


Some hilarious French guys with snippets of gameplay in the background


Gameplay – Madrid vs Juventus


Another interview with David Rutter


Finally last video: FSB’s own video of Madrid and Barca faces, if you listen carefully you can hear Adam comment on the faces, hilarious.


Carrer Mode Q&A (lots of new info)


Information on “Be a keeper” – Also confirming Petr Cech is the face of “be a keeper”


CVG will review FIFA 11 next month!


FIFA 12, be a linesman? (its a joke, relax)


Jens Uwe Intat (whoever that is) has come out and said FIFA pwns PES basically


Not that new but if you missed these screenshots:


Finally we will wrap it all up with where we all started Gamescom, the FIFA 11/Ea sports presentation:


If you have made it all the way down here i appluad you!

As always check out forums out and keep checking FSB daily!

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