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GamesMaster FIFA 12 Review – 94%


The very first FIFA 12 review has been released by gaming magazine GamesMaster and their response to EA SPORTS latest football gaming experience was overwhelmingly positive, scoring FIFA 12 a massive 94%. But, GamesMaster also rated FIFA 11 at 94% too, so that doesn’t sound like a great deal of progress to me.

The reviews from the large gaming publications always make for interesting reading whether you trust them or not, especially when you compare the scoring to the previous iteration. If FIFA 12 is indeed “the freshest and most fearless FIFA in living memory” then how can it be scored exactly the same as FIFA 11?

Our review of FIFA 12 this year will break the game down in to it’s component parts providing individual scoring of each element and then rounding that up in to an overall review score and verdict at the end. We’ll bring you news on when our FIFA 12 review will drop very soon.

GamesMaster will hit store shelves this Monday.

Source: CVG

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