Gaming "competing with having sex with your girlfriend"


Ex-Bizarre Creations design manager, Gareth Wilson, has today come out and said that modern day developers are competing with alot more than just the value of a £40 game.

Wilson, now chief games designer at Sumo Digital, stated the following:

“As we’re in the industry and games are our life, we sometimes forget how important £40 is to someone. £40 could get the shopping for a week. It could pay for petrol for work. It’s two tickets to a gig. It’s a couple of nights down the pub. It’s going to the cinema three times in the week.”

“What economists call this is product substitution. We’re not just competing with other games. And we’re always thinking, oh, no, we don’t want to come out when Split/Second comes out, oh, we don’t want to come out when Red Dead Redemption comes out.”

“We’re competing with all other forms of entertainment. We’re competing with TV, cinema, with Facebook. We’re competing with going to the park to play football. We’re competing with having sex with your girlfriend. We are competing with all of these things.”

Interesting thoughts from Gareth Wilson there, what do you guys think? Does gaming compete with having sex with your missus, or is it way better?! Let us know your thoughts!

Source: Eurogamer


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