Gaming Industry developers backs Infinity Ward


After the news broke yesterday about the shock goings on between developer of the highly successful Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series Infinity Ward and its publisher Activision, developers of other studios in the industry have spoken about the situation via Twitter and like the rest of us, they are in shock as much as the next person.

The article posted by which can be found here, list the many responses by some of the biggest studios in the gaming world and it’s clear that they are backing the team at Infinity Ward. Here are the Tweets that they posted talking about the situation –

“Man. The goings on at Infinity Ward is just nuts.”
Dave Feltham, Senior Designer, BioWare

“I hope they’re all ok! I wish someone would saying something definitive about the situation,” in response to Feltham.
Megan Sawyer, Environmental Artist, Bethesda

“Man. I bet IW execs Vince and Alex (sic) feel like they just played their own game IRL. All the way to the end of the level only to get betrayed.”

“IW falling apart? Way to go Activision, you just shot your cash cow. Dumbasses. Respect for those at IW if true.”
Alan Kertz, Sr. Designer on Battlefield Bad Company 2

“If anyone from Infinity Ward reads this, hang in there. This is nuts.”
Casey Malone, Designer at Harmonix

“Thoughts go out to the guys at Infinity Ward.”
Michael Heilemann, Level Designer at Io Interactive

“Infinity Ward drama = scary/sad. What’s next? Miyamoto leaving Nintendo?”
Ed Boon, Co-Creator of Mortal Kombat

“Wtf is going on? i go watch the hurt locker and come back from forgetting there’s a world around me to emerge in bizarro world re: IW”
Arne Meyer, Community Manager, Naughty Dog

I think most if not all will agree that the news yesterday that Infinity Ward’s top heads Jason West and Vince Zampella would be in the situation they are now after the huge success of both Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 but that’s exactly what it’s looking like now which I’m sure most never thought would happen. It’s a huge loss as to me; the Call of Duty series is dead now. Without Infinity Ward producing the magic they have been for years on the series, I can see the Call of Duty series dying a slow and painful death. This is no disrespect to Treyarch or the newly employed Sledgehammer Games (who will do the ‘2011’ version of Call of Duty instead) but let’s be honest here, would the series be where it is now if Infinity Ward wasn’t involved? My personal opinion…….Not a chance.

This really could come back to haunt Activison and it will be interesting to see what the Infinity Ward team’s next project is going to be and what effect it will have on Activision as a company.

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