GDC 2010: Playstation 'Move' confirmed as motion controller


We earlier reported that Sony had trademarked the name ‘Move’ in Europe and with rumours about the name being used for the up and coming motion controller from Sony for the PS3, it has now been confirmed by Sony Computer Entertainment America’s, Peter Dille that the motion controller will indeed be called ‘Move’.

Peter said the following during Sony’s press conference in San Francisco –

“The ‘Move’ will be fast, precise and accurate,” stated Dille.

He also said that the ‘Move’ will help gamers that have used/own a Nintendo Wii saying the transition for players from Wii to ‘Move’ is a “natural” one.  Also he mentioned that the ‘Move’ will have “precision” and be a  “challenge” at the same time.

For a live stream of the event click the video below –

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