GDC 2010: Playstation 'Move' titles announced


During the live stream at GDC 2010 in San Francisco, Sony confirmed a bunch of titles that would be available for the newly announced motion controller for the PS3, the ‘Move’. Thanks to for the details.

The list of title announced are as follows –

Sports Champions – a mode called Gladiator Duel was shown at the event in which players can taunt and juggle opponents. Also shown was another mode for Sports Champions which was table tennis showing users how backspin, topspin and slow and fast shots work with the controller.

MoveParty – a title which is all about fun. In the demo that was revealed, it showed how you can use a tennis racket to squash bugs, painting lines with a paint brush, haircutting (never thought i would say that!) and it also showed how objects could be moved around with fans.

Motion Fighters – a fighting game (i bet you didnt guess that one!) which showed how players can get opponents in headlocks, spin attacks and mainly just all out mass brawling if you will!

Sony then showed something very special indeed when they used current fans favourite, Little Big Planet with the Move motion controller and how it can worked within the game including moving objects and also Sackboy himself. This could be a big winner with a title like Little Big Planet as its perfect for it. SOCOM 4 was also announced to have Move compatibility with the whole game being used with the motion controller if a player wishes to play the game in this way. Choice is always good but i think ill stick to the classic method of a DualShock 3 for SOCOM thanks!.

Like always, to watch the live stream of the Press Conference from Sony, click on the video below –

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