Gears Of War 3 Console Available For Pre-Order


The Limited Edition Gears Of War 3 Console is now listed on the GAME website as being available for pre-order, and it looks as sexy as hell.

The bundle itself isn’t too bad either. For the paltry sum of £269.99 you get:

  • The Limited Edition 360 slim console with maroon and black finish
  • 2 limited edition controllers with transforming d-pad
  • A 320GB hard drive
  • A standard copy of Gears of War 3

Pretty impressive eh? Especially considering GAME currently lists the 250GB 360 slim with one controller at £179.99, so an extra £90 for a copy of the game, an additional pad, the limited edition skin and 70GB more storage seems like a complete bargain.

You can head over to GAME to pre-order, only 74 days to go!

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