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German National License – Clarification


As most of you know forum member Crisbee posted this messeage on the boards first thing Monday morning:

Got a nice e-mail today from dfb.de regarding the national team of Germany:

My translation (The important part):

We can gladly tell you, that we assigned a license to Konami, too.

Now, this post has pleased all German fans of PES 2010, but at the same time caused a lot of confusion as it’s neither been confirmed or denied by Konami or ourselves. After sites have been posting the same thing, as well as questions about this popping up everywhere, we thought we would give you a quick post to clarify our position on this.

Currently, license based questions is a subject Konami will outright refuse to answer. Therefore we here at WENB refuse to state it as fact, until there is an official press release stating it’s true. After the confusion that ensued after PSM3 stated the Bundesliga is licensed in PES 2010, we think its the best stance to take. At the same time, this will avoid problems and hopefully avoid disappointment.

Lets hope for the best, and just wait and see.

Thanks to Crisbee for bringing this to our attention.

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