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Get The PES 2010 Widget!


Another day, and another announcement from Konami! A huge thanks to Patros46 for the heads up. Today they launched a widget thats dedicated to all things PES related. Not only does it have PES 2010 related features, but also a couple of nice additions that are linked to the PES series. The PES Blog feed is as you would expect, continually updating once the team posts something. There’s also a news feed regarding PES Ranking, which ties in with all news posts on PESFan. Everyone has known PESFan is the official Konami website for a while, and this furthers its appeal. 

There’s also a nice Champions League news feed, that keeps all footy fans updated with what’s going on in Europe’s premier football competition. Finally, there’s a direct link to all the screens posted by Konami for PES 2010. Right now the solitary Messi pic is the only screen as yet, fingers crossed more are added soon. The widget on a whole is fantastic idea, and another nice surprise for the fan base. Together with a ball you can play around with, and menu sounds straight from the game, it’s a must for all PES fans!

Download it from here, or here!

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