Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Delayed


Ubisoft have announced that the next Ghost Recon title which was scheduled to be released during the latter part of this year, will now be released in early 2011. Ubisoft announced the delay today during a conference call. They stated that a “very competitive environment” was partly to due with why the game has been delayed and who can blame them really as the end of the year is crammed full of top titles and of course is the busiest time of the year.

So we will have to wait till early 2011 to get out hands on Ghost Recon: Future Soldier which in all fairness is probably a good thing as there are far too many titles released at the same time anyway and with the game being delayed till early 2011, its not such a busy time then to release a big hit of a game. Like the guys at G4 have said, the fact that Call of Duty: Black Ops is coming later on this year is probably another reason why they decided to delay it as well.

Thanks to G4 for the article.

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