Ghost Recon Phantoms Developer Web Series Released


Ubisoft have today released the first two episodes in a new web series for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms.

The web series, titled Ghost Recons Phantoms: The Journey takes viewers through the process of creating and evolving Ghost Recon Online into Ghost Recon Phantoms. Corey Facteau, producer of Ghost Recon Phantoms stated:

Our fans have stood by our side for the past two years and we want to give them behind the scenes insight into the thought and work that went into maintaining, improving and evolving the game. The information shared in the series goes beyond Ghost Recon Phantoms and discusses free-to-play games more generally, touching upon our learnings about the importance of community, having the right production team to ensure all parts of the game move in synchronization and the challenges of offering a game as a service. We hope that through Ghost Recon Phantoms: The Journey, players, and people hoping to learn more about free-to-play games, will understand the efforts put behind launching a massive free-to-play title like Ghost Recon Phantoms.

The first iscusses how Ubisoft Singapore inherited the Ghost Recon brand and the second is about the intense process behind launching a game in closed beta. There are 8 in total, with another 2 being released every week on Ubisoft’s YouTube channel.

Enjoy the first two episodes and let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.



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