Ghost Recon Phantoms Launch Trailer


Ubisoft have sent us over the launch trailer to mark the recent release of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms.

Ghost Recon Phantoms is available now on Windows PC and Steam.  It comes including a new background story, new user interface as well as new character and weapon designs for all three classes. Three maps have also been updated with a complete lighting and level redesign. Players will also be able to fully customize their weapons and characters with the new ModMaster feature to help them stand out on the battlefield.

Players will be able to get into matches a lot easier by taking into account player skills and level of equipment. To start new players off on the right foot, the new user experience has been retooled to offer players access to better weapons, sooner. Corey Facteau, producer stated:

Steam is always a cornerstone of the distribution strategy of any PC tactical team-based game like Ghost Recon Phantoms. The additional exposure we are getting through Steam will further increase our already 5-million-strong user base, The launch trailer is an accurate portrayal of the new DNA of the game. Sleeker, more refined and looking better than ever, it showcases the new character design in a map that our veterans know very well, the Xinyi District. The intense action sequence is just a peek into the intense combat of the game and reinforces the Ghost Recon Phantoms belief that by fighting as a team, you prevail,

Enjoy the launch trailer and let us know your thoughts on the game via the comment section below.


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