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GMA 2011: A Vote For FSB


We don’t normally shamelessly self promote (unless it’s our Twitter accounts) but with the Games Media Awards 2011 on the horizon and nominations open we thought we’d see if a little FSB community muscle could be flexed. Basically if you like what we do here or over at WENB/NGB then you can nominate us for a shiny GMA 2011 award.

The categories we can be nominated in are Best: Games Website, Specialist Writer: Online, Games Broadcast/Podcast, Games Blog, Rising Star.

So if you think we’re deserved winners in any of those categories then all you need to do is email: gma@intentmedia.co.uk and vote for us. But you only have until 25th July to do it, so you’ll need to be fairly prompt.

For more information head over to the GMA 2011 website.

Any support you guys could give the network would be great, do your worst…


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