God Eater 3 announced – coming very soon


Knife and Thork Gameplay

Bandai Namco is serving up another round of God Eater which is said to be coming very soon to home consoles. The trailer gives us a brief glimpse of gameplay showcasing some of the game’s environments and a look at the enemies, each of which suitably towers over the protagonist. Not a huge amount else is given away from the trailer but the below statement from Bandai Namco’s press release sheds a little more light on the game.

Many years have passed since the last battle. Earth is no longer a place where humans reside. Terrifying beasts known as ‘The Aragami’ are still raging around the world creating misery and destruction. To save the world and re-establish the balance, new heroes have risen, The God Eaters; those who have been gifted or cursed with new versions of the God Arc weapons (special implants powered by Aragami cells). Team up with your other God Eaters to take down these monstrous new Aragami that are tearing apart locations around the globe. But this won’t be your only mission, something is happening to the God Eaters and the line between dark and light has never been so thin… It’s time to break the cursed shackles that bind the soul of the God Eaters.

The Action RPG – God Eater 3 – is said to be a complete upgrade from its predecessor and, as vaguely stated above, will be coming very soon! Watch this space (and the trailer below)


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