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God is a Geek tweet some PES2011 Love!*Updated*


Thanks to ManUtd2k5 for the spot!

Seems that God is a Geek have had some time with PES2011 over at E3 and seem (very!) impressed and promise more PES2011 info coming from them soon!

They have tweeted the following :

Right, just played PES 2011. As someone who switched to FIFA after PES 6…..it might be time to switch back.

A bold statement indeed! This was followed by :

More info on PES 2011 coming soon. Stay tuned to GodisaGeek.com

Yet more positive vibes coming from those who have been lucky enough to get a hands on over at E3.

A satisfying 24hrs or so for PES fans everywhere I reckon after the latest trailer and screens hitting on Tuesday.

Could it be? Is PES really back and with such aplomb? More as we get it!


godisageek have since tweeted the following to yours truly :

Get some sleep dude. We will have something up by around 1pm UK time

Stay tuned!

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