God of War finally has a release date!


God of W4r

God of War’s long awaited release has finally been set a date – April 20th.

The God of War story trailer dropped today showcasing what’s on offer in Kratos’ latest adventure through Norse mythology and, naturally, it looks incredible.

The trailer gives us a bit more information as to what’s actually going to happen in the game and although it’s largely spoiler-free I’d advise giving it a miss if you want to go in completely blind. Pointless advice that, I know. That said, if you do decide to give it a watch you’ll be graced with one of the most sleek looking games on the market, crafted by what I can only assume is witchcraft, from the demi-Gods of Santa Monica studios.

Although it’s not been officially announced yet it’s likely that this new God of War breaks way for a new trilogy set within Norse mythology with more to follow focusing on different mythologies such as the Egyptian Gods. But let’s not digress just yet. God of War isn’t even out yet but judging by this trailer it’s most certainly going to be worth the wait.


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