God of War II and God of War III Comparison Pics


The guys over at playstationlifestyle.net have posted an article with shows the comparisons between the characters in God of War II and the up and coming massive PS3 exclusive, God of War III which looks set to be the best looking next-gen title for a very long time.

In the article, it states that to produce Kratos in all his glory for God of War II on the Playstation 2, the developers pushed the polygon count up to 5,000 which is quite some achievement for a Playstation 2 title. Fast forward to the release of God of War III and it seems that the team at Sony Santa Monica Studios have pushed the PS3 to the max with Kratos now receiving four times the amount of affection with 20,000 polygons.

The article also mentions that the first God of War title could only manage 15-20 generic characters on the screen at any one time but due to the PS3’s Cell, Kratos now has over 50 to battle his way through at any one time. It’s quite some achievement by the God of War team over at Santa Monica Studios to push the PS3 is the way they have and from the footage and pics we have seen, God of War III is looking like one hell of a game and easily one of the best every produced by any development studio. Another thing that really is amazing is that the in-game gameplay from God of War III looks better than the pre-rendered footage from God of War II which proves that the team has put so much effort into making this the best title they possibly could and the years they have had to produce this stunning looking title and of course an upgrade in more powerful hardware, has proved to be a massive advantage to Sony Santa Monica.

Below are the comparison pics for you to drool over –

Again thanks to the guys over at playstationlifestyle.net for the article.

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