God Of War III Embargo Ends at 5pm


Slowly but surely, the release of one of Sony’s biggest Exclusives in years, God Of War III, is almost among us. Lucky gaming sites and journalists all over the world have had an early taste of the highly anticipated title for reviewing purposes and, although some Reviews have been leaked, the floodgates will open today, Monday 8th, at 5pm (GMT). At this time we will have plenty of reviews from all the big sites, and the smaller ones, to indulge in.

Like i said, although the embargo is only lifted later today, some reviews have already sneaked out and the reviewers have nothing but praise for the game. Here is a quick summary of those review scores thanks to CVG:

Leaked scans from Game Informer in the US show that the magazine’s God Of War 3 review awards a 10/10 score. The magazine says players can ‘finish the God Of War tale in an unbelievably epic way’.

Online blog NextGN.com’s God Of War 3 review also gives the title 10/10. It says the game: ‘God of War III is perfect for what it is and king of it’s gameplay genre: the slasher.’

Meanwhile, a ‘leaked’ screen from IGN seems to show that the website’sGod Of War 3 review is also set to grant the game 10/10, calling it ‘Masterful’. Although we can’t vouch for the validity, it certainly looks pretty genuine.

Then there’s a five star review from The Official PlayStation Magazine in the US, which calls the game ‘an unforgettable conclusion to a legendary series’.

And, finally, the 
God Of War 3 review from the UK’s own Official PlayStation Magazine is the only non-perfect one here. But 9/10 ain’t exactly a disaster – especially when it says the game ‘is on a scale PS3 has never known’.

Sounds Good. But to be honest, as a huge fan of the seires, i will still be getting this game on release day regardless of review scores.

Roll on 5pm…

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