God of War III is the best looking game ever says Nowgamer


Games editor, Dan Howdle from Nowgamer has stated that after playing the final review code of God of War III, the game is graphically, the best thing he has ever seen.  In his article on Nowgamer, he mentions that a lot of images throughout the press world are edited to make a game look better than it actually is but he said that his expectations for God of War III were high and the look of the game not only met but exceeded his expectations. Here is a quote from the article –

“It’s not only a massive relief then, but a revelation, that God Of War 3, previously high on our bullshot radar has just not only met, but exceeded any possible graphical expectations we previously held. The up-close detail is almost painfully sharp with the game’s engine panning back without a blip to epic-scale carnage. Quite simply breathtaking. In a purely visual context, God of War 3 has just earned a comfortable place in our number one spot”.

Sounds very promising indeed it must be said. After having the great honour of playing the best looking game in my opinion of the next-gen era in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, if God of War III can top that then we really are in for a treat.  I’ve played a little snippet of the demo here and there and i must say, it looks fantastic but of course, we can’t compare a demo as it’s only a little slice of what the PS3’s engine can do but from what we have seen from the new God of War III trailer with its all out action sequences and breathtaking Hollywood style effects, it looks totally stunning and it could well be that there is a new pin-up on the PS3. Maybe it’s time Nathan Drake moved over? We shall see.

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God of War III is released in the UK on March 19th 2010.

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