God of War III release date confirmed


Thach Quach – Senior European Product Manager for SCEE confirmed that the release date for the up and coming PS3 exclusive, God of War III will be heading to North American homes on March 16th 2010. At the present time, there is no official release date for European PS3 owners but he also stated that they are trying to get the game released on the PAL platform during the same week but this will be confirmed when he has any new updates on this matter.

SCEE also released a picture of what the final boxart will look like and it looks fantastic. A pic of the final cover art for God Of War III is posted below. God of War III looks to be another heavy hitting PS3 exclusive that from what we have seen, will go on to sell by the bucket load.

Keep checking back for new info regarding the European release date for God of War III. We can’t imagine there being a huge wait for the up and coming info regarding this matter. Check out the pic below for the final boxart for God of War III.

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