God Of War III Review


The wait is over, as a huge fan of the God Of War Series I finally got, played and finished God Of War III. But am I happy? No, im not. This game has a huge flaw and im really disappointed with it. That flaw my friends is that God Of War III ends. All the way through the game I was thinking “ What a shame this game has gotta end”.

Yes, Sony Santa Monica’s long running PlayStation Series, God Of War, the final part of the trilogy, the conclusion to Kratos’s story of vengeance is among us at last. Ever since it was announced, after all the breathtaking trailers, the stunning screenshots and lavish praise received from critics, God Of War III is one of the most hyped game ever. Kratos had a lot of pressure to carry on his shoulders as thee PlayStation 3 Exclusive to own, the reason to buy a PlayStation 3. Does it lived up to that hype?…damn right it does.

Just in case you are new to the series or have simply forgot some of the God of War Story, here is a brief summary. Kratos, a brave and extremely skilled Spartan captain, while at the brink of his death in the hands of a Viking warrior during battle, ask for help from Ares, the god of war, in return for his soul. Ares intervenes and saves Kratos’s life and in return Kratos becomes Ares’s mortal warrior who, along with his Spartan army, destroys all before him for Ares, but in the mist of his madness Kratos accidentally kills his family, thanks to Ares, who tricked him. Kratos is tortured by guilt and remorse but promised by the gods that if he kills Ares, who is out of control, the gods will rid Kratos of his nightmares in return. Kratos succeeds in doing so with the help of the power within Pandora’s box. But after living up to his side of the bargain, the gods don’t and Kratos is still haunted by his nightmares. As a result Kratos tries to commit suicide but is saved by Athena who offers him Ares’s role as the new God Of War, he accepts. Zeus becomes wary of Kratos and fears he will suffer the same faith as Ares, so he strips Kratos of his powers and sends him to the pits of hades (hell), Kartos is helped to escape by the mother of the Titans, Gaia, who in return asks Kratos to help them in the battle against the gods. With the help of the sisters of faith, Kratos travels back to where Zeus strips him of his power and tries to defeat him but is interrupted by Athena who he accidentally kills, in here dying words, Athena reveals that Zeus is Kratos’s father. After this we come to the present point where Kratos, with the help of the titans, is climbing Mount Olympus to challenge the gods and defeat Zeus once and for all. Phew…..that’s it in a nutshell.

God Of War III starts with a blast, the first 20/30 minutes is incomparable in any game. This is where you are first hit with technical power of the game, there is so much going on in real-time and on such a huge scale, never before seen in other games, the only thing that comes close is the PlayStation 2 title, Shadow of the Collossus. I was really blown away by it all, talking about being thrown in at the deep end. The game takes a much slower pace after this epic introduction. This is where the platforming and puzzle aspect of the game come in. The puzzles arent very difficult to be honest and only really start to become challenging near the end. Likewise with the platforming, but the two were consistent in the game and overall series, and it would not be the same without them. Although they arent very challenging, they’re still great fun and an essential aspect of the game. The controls are very smooth, and unlike other similar games where you confront some frustrating moments where the player fails to grab a ledge, or falls over the edge or doesnt respond etc.. such problems never surface in this game and thats down to the smooth and responsive controls.

This can also be said with combat, this is where God Of War III really shines and this is the core element of the game. The actions are responsive, precise and explosive as hell. No other game I have played has offered such satisfying combat, I could easily stay in the one spot and fight enemies for hours upon hours. It never gets repetitive or boring. This is also down to the clever weapon choices. God of War III offers four different weapons, all with their own strengths and weaknesses, depending on your enemy. For example, certain enemies require the use of a certain weapon to defeat them. Likewise, some bad guys are quicker and faster and in return require the use of a faster weapon instead of a slower but powerful one. This really adds to the game and requires the player to think out his battles instead of just depending on the one move or weapon. The game makes sure you are on your toes by throwing you into battles with different types of enemies all at once, which require you to switch weapons on the go and this is achieved by the seamless and slick controls. Along with each weapon comes a special power, also Kratos carries three items which he needs to explore and proceed thru the different levels. All these can be upgraded to be more powerful and also to unlock new moves or abilities. This is all done smoothly and perfectly applies to the rising difficulty of the game as you progress. There is also hidden objects which when found can improve your overall health or magic. You can also find special items which only can be used when playing through the game for a second time, after you complete it of course.

Now, Graphics. Before the game was released we all heard how this game is going to blow everything out of the water in terms of graphics. Does it? Well let me explain. For me, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was the best looking game out there, bar none. The difference between this and God Of War III is the consistency. Uncharted 2 was consistently beautiful looking all the way thru. Whereas God Of War III isnt as consistent, there is certain parts which look great and all, but not the best we’ve seen, but for most of the game God O War III is simply breathtaking and nothing comes close. Kratos for example is the best looking game character ever, the level of detail and realism when you look at him is just jaw dropping. Its not just Kratos though, there is tons of moments in the game where you just stop and admirer in awe. The level designs are simply beautiful and its hard to compare to anything we’ve seen before, sometimes you wish the camera wasn’t fixed so you could have a look around. So yes, God Of War III is certainly the best looking game ive played.

The story in God Of War III is top notch as usual, ok it has some flaws here and there like in the previous titles of the series, but very few stories in games can compare to the intensity and unforgiving style of God Of War. The game is packed with great moments and you meet some memorable characters with their own stories. Kratos himself is the epitomisation of the term “Anti-Hero”. He is not like any other gaming hero or even movie hero for that matter. He has his own agenda, he doesn’t give a damn about anybody but himself, he is not out to win popularity contests, he is cold, merciless and brutal, yet we love him for it. Although the ending could have been better, it was still done right and satisfying.


The Sound aspect is excellent, from the intense and realistic voice acting to the loud and atmospheric soundtrack, it all adds to the explosive experience of playing through God Of War III.

When finished, God Of War III offers new modes which presents the player with loads of challenges, also there is tons of behind the scenes footage to indulge, this and the promise of DLC really adds to the replay factor. Also the fact that it is just so much fun to play.


This is the end of a thrilling ride and probably the best trilogy in gaming, one cant help but feel a sense of poignancy and nostalgia. Kratos has played a huge role in the evolution of the PlayStation, and while playing God Of War III passionate PlayStation gamers will find it hard to not to feel a certain sense of emotion toward Kratos and his journey of vengeance. God Of War III isnt perfect, but what is. I simply cant think of anything that is wrong with this game. This instalment is a testament to the saying “If it aint broke, dont fix it”. God Of War III does exactly what it intends to do and does so flawlessly. A complete masterpiece that deserves all the praise it gets and takes the bar left behind by Uncharted 2 and lifts it higher again. Essential Gaming.

I'm a huge fan of the PES, MGS and Uncharted series', and anything else in between. If you love a good gaming discussion or want to talk about anything else, then feel free to get in touch.


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