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Good Times Ahead…


Sorry for the lack of updates, been away with work for most of the week. Coming back to the world of PES, and the release of the FIFA 10 demo, I’m full of optimism for PES 2010. No really, and thats after playing a hell of a lot of the FIFA 10 demo.

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Unlike the last time I went away for a while, I took PES 2010 with me. I couldn’t bear to be without a game I’ve been playing consistently since I got code. I was away on business, and luckily had the evenings spare to play some PES. Quickly (thanks to my big mouth) word got out that I had code, and Monday evening I had a room full of 9 guys eager to play the game.

A bit concerned about the solidarity of the code, and the fact they adored FIFA 09, I set up the code and let them loose with PES 2010. I watched in amazement and massive satisfaction as they all fell in love with the game and spoke of how much of a change it was from last year. Graphics got the major praise, with many following FIFA last year due to visual appeal. Gameplay caused frustration sparingly (due to code bugs), but the faults were quickly overlooked as everyone was enjoying it immensely. So much so that we didn’t all go to sleep until 4.30 am! That continued for 3 more days, as the talk of the offices were filled with jubilation for PES 2010.

For many its all predictable, as its what you all expect and want from the game. For me it was a sense of justification, as it seems backing PES over FIFA these days shouldn’t be done or spoken of out loud. To see a large group of people who don’t visit websites or even get caught up with the pre-launch hype genuinely impressed by PES 2010 was refreshing, and filled me with confidence.

When I came back last night from a long journey I instantly downloaded the FIFA 10 demo. I was exhausted, but couldn’t stop playing the game. The subtle changes (very much like PES on the PS2 days) are massive in the way they change how you play the game, and the abundance of animations were a joy to behold. But there was something in the back of my mind which told me, after hours of fun, that PES 2010 is very close – much closer than people think. I grabbed the phone and one by one phoned the guys at work and asked their opinion. Having a more casual outlook they told me of their love for FIFA 10, but couldn’t get over the visual side of PES 2010 and how poorly the kits, player models and actual players look in FIFA 10. Gameplay wise, they were more impressed with FIFA 10, but claimed it was very close, with PES 2010 refinement from this code to final to be a key factor in what game they will play this year.

And I have to say I’m on the same boat. The final code will be in my hands early next week and I’ll be able to judge exactly what PES 2010 will have to offer us this year. Seeing both PES 2010 at 70-75%, and now FIFA 10 at around 90-95%, I’m actually buzzing – on a total high. Reason being PES more than holds up at this stage, and the final work will no doubt determine if Konami – out of nowhere – reclaim the crown from an incredible FIFA 10.

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