GOW III US Pre-Orders Smash To The Top Spot


As I’m sure everyone is aware (who isn’t!) but this is ‘God of War III week’ with the US getting their hands on the blockbuster title from tomorrow (Tuesday March 16th) and Europe getting it at the end of week and no other game will have the type of hype surrounding it for a long time to come but this is one of the most anticipated titles of 2010 and it seems that most US owners agree with those sentiments as well according to the latest pre-order figures from vgchartz.com.

The latest pre-order update chart has been released and Kratos sits top of the pile as God of War III’s total pre-order figures come in at a huge 486,992 for US pre-orders alone. These figures are more impressive than you might think as neither Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain or Final Fantasy XIII (which are huge PS3 releases) came anywhere near the amount of pre-orders that God of War III has received. Good times ahead and it’s clear that God of War III is the game of choice at the moment (did we expect anything different?). Also add to the fact that Canada has a reported 225,000 pre orders as well, it’s going to be a huge amount. We have not even counted Europe yet either!

to view the full pre-order update chart from vgchartz.com, here.

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