Gran Turismo 5 NASCAR video


A video showing off NASCAR racing and how it will look when you get your hands on Gran Turismo 5 later this year has been shown thanks to the US Playstation Blog. The video looks fantastic and it shows that Kazunori Yamauchi and the rest of the Gran Turismo team have really put a huge amount of effort into trying to make the NASCAR racing looks as genuine as possible as the real thing (did we expect any different?).

According to the article on the US Playstation Blog, Yamauchi and his team visited the Texas Motor Speedway to capture just what NASCAR is all about be it a photo shoot or to sound record the vehicles or the size of the tracks, the roar of the crowd or even the speed of the pit crews. The Gran Turismo team have always been about attention to detail in the past and nothing has changed as they really do look at every small detail and the quality shines through in the end product.

Anyway to see the NASCAR video from Gran Turismo 5, check it out below –

One word – Awesome.

Gran Turismo 5 currently doesnt have a scheduled release date for Europe but expect it towards the end of 2010 is our guess.

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