Grand Theft Auto Online Crew Member Cap Raised to 1,000


Rockstar Games have today announced the rise of the member cap for crews in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Crews were previously only allowed up to 300 members but Rockstar have now more than tripled the maximum member cap for all user-made Crews to allow for up to 1,000 people in your ranks.

Crew owners are advised to use their Crew’s profile page feed and in-game messaging features this weekend to set up a few lobbies to meet, greet, audition or orient  new Crew mates (remember that in GTA Online. you earn 10% more RP for Jobs completed with a Crew member). You also want to make sure your Hierarchy is in order.

You should also get to grips with the Crew Head to Head Playlist challenge feature. To initiate a Crew Head to Head, you’ll need to create a Playlist that does not contain Vehicle Deathmatches, Survivals or any Jobs that require more than 2 teams. Head to My Playlists in the Online menus and you will see the option to start a “Head to Head (BETA)” by clicking the right stick on your game controller. From the lobby screen you can go ahead and invite other players from your own Crew, Friend’s Crew or from Skill Matched Crews. You’ll need to have some cash in your wallet to set the wager – the minimum is $1000 – but the ultimate Crew bragging rights are worth much more.

Rockstar have also announced the first Grand Theft Auto Online Crew vs Crew battle live stream this Friday February 7th at 2pm ET. It will be available via both Twitch and YouTube. It see’s two bloodthirsty Crews against each other over the course of a curated Playlist of Rockstar Verified and Rockstar Created Jobs. Note that one Rockstar dev player will join each side to play in order to facilitate streaming and to keep things fair. If you fancy getting involved with your crew, email telling them your Crew name, a link to your Crew profile page, the specific platform you would like to stream on and a reason why you should feature on the stream.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the raised cap for crews via the comment section below.

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