Greedfall Review


Looking for a dense rich loot filled world with story changing decisions and a pretty well written narrative? If yes then Greedfall is definitely for you.

In Greedfall, you play as a nobleman or woman set off on a quest in a typical RPG formula, to explore the new world and make peace with the natives which already inhabit these mysterious lands. As well as being the middle person and attempting to bring resolution to all factions, you are also on the hunt for a cure for a ravaging disease called the Malichor Plague which is tearing through your homeland, already infecting loved ones of yours, including your Mother. The old world is dying and it’s up to you to travel to the isolated land of Teer Fradee to help build a new civilisation.

You can spend as little or as long in the main home world as you like, think of it as a tutorial if you will. It shows you the ropes, controls and game mechanics, and it also introduces you to some main characters which you will be seeing a lot of during your adventures. Also the way you create your character is very cool and unique. If you’re like me and love character creating then you’re in for a treat. There are customisation sliders galore as you create your hero. The setting of the game itself is very varied, think of it like a mix of pirates and colonial with a touch of fantasy thrown in there too. Mix it all together and you’ve got yourself Greedfall.

Gameplay wise it is a third person RPG with fun, yet sometimes clunky combat. Graphically it is a pretty game, it has a day and night cycle and the music which accompanies this all makes it enjoyable to experience. When I play, I do get a lot of ‘The Witcher 3’ vibes from it, with it’s combat and just the overall layout of battles. I’m not saying it is an exact copy, but in my opinion you can see where Greedfall got it’s combat inspiration from. Another point to bring up when it comes to combat is the ability to pause the conflict so you can plan your next move. Again, this reminded me of the V.A.T.S system from Bethesda’s Fallout franchise. This is a very handy tool if you find yourself and your companions surrounded by enemies and need to quickly plan your next attack. With this function you can also bind items and weapons to the D-Pad for quick easy access. Tired of swinging around your sword or hammer and want to switch to your firearm? Easily done using the bind command. I like this function a lot and it does make the combat enjoyable and tactical, as opposed to just spamming the attack button until you or the enemy is defeated. Personally I’d like to see this function implemented in many more future RPG’s.

As mentioned above, you do in fact have companions in this game. If you enjoyed Dragon Age Inquisition and it’s narrative driven companions, then you will also enjoy them in Greedfall. Of course there is the option to romance, because would it really be a modern day RPG if you couldn’t romance your travelling partner? You can converse with them while travelling or when situations arise where they speak for themselves you can either intervene or let them speak. What action you decide to go with will effect the story, so think quick and wisely! Just like you can customise your own character, you can also customise your travelling buddies too, having up to 2 companions with you at a time. While travelling the native world of Teer Fradee, you can set up camps to fast travel between sections of the world map. Like most other RPG’s you need to discover a location or camp site before you can travel between them. The world is beautiful and I personally didn’t opt for fast travel much. Exploring the semi open world also allows you to find plenty of loot for you and your party.

Talking to the many merchants and other NPC’s of the world will very quickly fill your quest log with misc missions to complete for XP. Sadly the NPC’s are very static and lifeless, offering you nothing more than a mission here and there with very little conversation to go alongside. On a better note though, completing side quests reward you generously with XP which ultimately levels up your character quicker. If you want to go for an aggressive fight every enemy play style, I would recommend levelling up and getting XP wherever you can as some battles you will find yourself surrounded and sometimes under levelled. Lucky for us, the players, Greedfall kindly makes you aware when an enemy is currently too powerful for you by displaying a red skull above their health bar. There’s nothing stopping you attempting to fight these enemies but the odds of you surviving are slim to none.

As previously mentioned, another function in the game which highlights its RPG roots is how in-depth you can customise your character. There is of course abilities which you can learn, and to learn these you need that precious XP, so get looting, get adventuring and get levelling up! It is all displayed in a character wheel so it’s easy to navigate and see what perks suit your gameplay style needs. There are some weapons and items of clothing which you can’t actually wield or equip until you have levelled up in the right areas so again, spend your ability points wisely, you get 1 ability point every time you level up.

The narrative and story of Greedfall can be at times somewhat predictable and some of the characters are quite easily forgotten as within the 4 factions you come across in this game, Natives, Nobles, Mercenaries and Missionaries, each NPC you encounter from each faction all act very similar to each other, this isn’t by means a bad mechanic but it does mean factions aren’t always memorable which is a real shame.


It’s clear to see where Greedfall draws its inspiration from, but this is in no way saying Greedfall is just another clone. It is a a breath of fresh air, implementing and bringing in gameplay mechanics which I really feel help make Greedfall a very enjoyable experience. There is a main story, side stories, companion back stories which can be interesting if yet predictable at times. But, none the less, it is all enjoyable; Anyone looking for a story driven action RPG will find it within Greedfall and its adventures.

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