Gregg Out Now For Smartphones & Tablets


Get ready to save the chickens as Namco Bandai have announced the release of Gregg.

The app is now available completely free for mobiles and tablets. Gregg needs your our quick thinking as that is all that stands between the parade of sleepwalking chickens and their certain doom, as they stumble through perilous levels aiming for the warm safety of the coop. Their survival and unbroken night’s sleep is in your hands.

Players will need to think fast and use the environment to create safe paths for the sleepwalking chickens through the game’s colourful worlds. Collect puzzle pieces to win stars and unlock bonus stages, and complete the multitude of achievements to become the supreme chicken saviour. There are 20 levels available, with a further 60 available to purchase as add-ons.

You can download the app at the following links:




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