GRID 2 Mod Support Coming to PC


Codematsters have revealed that a Mod Support feature will be coming to the PC version of GRID 2.

The mod will be there for players who want to customise the game to their own tastes but once a mod has been activated then  online play, leaderboards, achievements and RaceNet functionality will all be disabled to protect the integrity of the main game.

The PC Mod Support will come part of the Community Patch which contains the following:

  • Increased rewards in Custom Playlist
  • A new playlist titled ‘Hardcore’
  • Level cap raise to 99
  • Fastest lap times have been included for online play
  • A host of liveries previously restricted to single player will now be available in multiplayer
  • The maximum number of laps allowed in a race has been increased from 5 to 10
  • Veto weighting has been changed and now only requires 51% of the vote
  • Country flags have been included next a player’s name plate online
  • Reward for racing cleanly has been increased
  • A vote to kick option has been included
  • You can now skip the level up graphic
  • Modding Support v1.0 [PC Only]
  • Various bug fixes and background improvements

Let us know your thoughts on Mod Support via the comment section below.

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