GT5, ModNations and Split/Second to support Move…and Starcraft?


Well, as we all know form last week, Sony officially announced the title of their upcoming Motion Controller and also revealed some Move games as well, all due this fall. The reaction form the fans was a bit love/hate, some people loved the idea and are excited for it, while others aren’t as excited and think its only a gimmick. Either way, its very encouraging to hear that big titles Gran Turismo 5, ModNations Racers and Split/Second will all support the PlayStation Move. This was revealed as the title were listed in the “featured products”  segment of US. In the wide variety of games demonstrated at GDC earlier this week, there was no sight of a racing game, so its very welcoming to see these big racing titles are going to be supporting PlayStation Move.

Also, fans of Real-Time Strategy games, a genre simply not accessible on consoles, will be glad to hear that according to SCEA’s Anton Mikhailov, the PlayStation Move is good enough to play big RTS title Starcraft. How does he know, well he only played it himself using the Move controller, thats how:

“We’re excited about genres that have been typically detached from console, like RTS,” he said. “All those genres require precise pointer control. This is something we have now on the PS3.

“Actually I hooked up this device through some hackery to a PC to play a bunch of games. I actually played Starcraft… I could actually play, not just screw around but play.”

He further added: “It’s a testament to how robust this interface is for even the more hardcore game. It’s so intuitive that some developers have hooked this up to Maya for modelling, and they actually prefer it over a mouse.

“You can have camera control in one hand and object control with another hand. You can do some really neat interface stuff.”

Sounds very exciting and really sounds like the PlayStation Move is going to open up whole new posssibilities for the PlayStation franchise.

Thanks to VG247.

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