GTA IV 1.06 Patch Released


Rockstar have released a new patch (v1.06) for the PS3 version of GTA IV which according to, fixes some major problems that were occurring within the game prior to the patch being released. The ‘bug’ fixes are listed below –

+ 50 Friends List bug fixed
+ Online multiplayer game preferences (Friendly Fire, Auto Aim, Cops)
+ Updated trophy list
+ Apparently faster loading times everywhere, less lag
+ Popular BDBII glitch fixed
+ Car blip off glitch fixed
+ Other random glitches fixed

Talking of GTA IV, remember that the DLC (Episodes From Liberty City) which was once an exclusive for the Xbox 360, is coming to the PS3 on April on the standard PS3 Blu Ray disc and also on the Playstation Store as well. I personally loved the DLC content for GTA IV and im sure fans of the GTA series will not be disappointed either. Well worth the purchase.

As always, click here for the forums.

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