GTA V Set To Be Revealed At E3?


Director of analyst, Jesse Divnich of Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR) has predicted that something regarding GTA V will be shown at E3 2010 according to an interview with Gameinformer. In the interview, he also stated that he doesn’t expect either Sony or Microsoft to try to tie up exclusive rights for the next title either.

Speaking to Game Informer, Divnich made a big prediction as to what we may see at the industry trade show in June. “I think we’re going to hear about another Grand Theft Auto. I think there won’t be any playable stuff. I think they’ll give you some type of teaser, because we do think that a year from then in 2011 we’re going to see another Grand Theft Auto.”

We asked Divnich about whether Sony or Microsoft would try and nab some sort of exclusive rights to the newest GTA, but he thought that those days were over. “I don’t foresee Microsoft or Sony attempting to obtain any type of exclusivity with the next Grand Theft Auto. Microsoft paid a lot of money for exclusivity on the downloadable content for GTA IV, which unfortunately did little to move consoles for Microsoft. Back in 2004, the Grand Theft Auto was a huge brand, but only relative to the other brands that existed at the time. While the GTA brand is certainly bigger now than it was five years ago, others have emerged to reach similar levels of success, such as Call of Duty or Guitar Hero. In other words, if Sony gets an exclusive deal on GTA V, it would do little to disrupt Microsoft’s ability to move hardware, and vice versa.”

Interesting stuff. It would not suprise me one bit if there was some sort of GTA V news at this years E3 as nothing has been announced as of yet and I think its about time that Rockstar revealed something about the next instalment in the series. Of course this is just a prediction by Jesse and nothing is set in stone but there is quite a big chance that something will be announced in my opinion. Lets hope so. Stay tuned for more on this when E3 begins in June.

Thanks again to Gameinformer for the original article.

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