Guild Wars 2 – Battle of Khylo Gameplay


Welcome back to another look at Guild Wars 2, today we are looking at some Player vs Player combat on the Battle of Khylo map.

The Batlte of Khylo is currently one of two playable Player vs Player maps in the Guild Wars 2 Beta. It is a three point capture map which adds siege weapons in to mix things up.

Instanced PvP in Guild Wars 2 is unlike the battlegrounds found in other MMO’s, upon entering a Guild Wars 2 PvP match-up players are boosted to level 80 and given a pre-defined set of gear to work with. This balancing act somwehat levels the playing field, with the outcome determined by tactics and the players ability to make the most of their given class.

In the video below we are once again using our Norn Ranger, all-be-it with a bunch of level 80 abilities and some shine new gear.


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