Guild Wars 2 – Norn Character Creation & Opening Gameplay


We were recently involved in a rather eventful weekend over on the Guild Wars 2 Beta servers. We will be delivering content and giving you our opinion of ArenaNet’s MMORPG over the next few days.

To kick things off we are going to be taking a look at the Norn character creation and opening gameplay. The Norn are shape-changing barbarians that hail from the frozen mountains of the Far Shiverpeaks.

Guild Wars 2’s character creation is not just about selecting race, professions, and visual style, it is about creating an origin story that will be identified throughout the levelling process and even in some cases, the opening cinematic.

Rather than being consumed with strife, the Norn opening is all about the great hunt and earning a place in it.

In the video below we used a Norn Ranger to showcase one of the many openings in Guild Wars 2.


Stay tuned for more Guild Wars 2 content.

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