Guild Wars 2 Public Beta Weekend Announced


NCsoft and ArenaNet have announced a public beta weekend for their upcoming MMO, Guild Wars 2.

The beta is available for those who have pre-ordered Guild Wars 2 and they will have the weekend of April 27th – 29th in order to explore the world of Tyria. This means it is for players who have also pre-purchased the Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition or Standard/Digital Edition. The beta also gives players a three day head start before the game is released and also an exclusive Hero’s Band to use in-game once it is released. These players will receive an e-mail from NCsoft regarding information on how to download the client and get their account registered.

Sarah Rogers, Director of Sales and Marketing EU for NCsoft said the following to MCV:

“We’re thrilled at being able to give players the opportunity to pre-purchase Guild Wars 2 today, In addition to the bonus content, every gamer who pre-purchases will have guaranteed access to future beta events. NCsoft remains focused on providing consumers with the best possible online games and services.  This pre-purchase programme guarantees some of our most ardent and loyal fans the opportunity to enjoy an experience of the most anticipated game of the year before the game’s release.”

Are you looking forward to the public beta weekend for Guild Wars 2? Let us know via the comment section below.

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