Hackers Attack The Playstation Network


An interesting article has popped up on ironstarmovement.com with regards to some major security problems for Playstation 3 owners that use the Playstation Network. It seems that people have had their PSN accounts on their PS3’s being hacked with ‘code generator’ website style message that are sent back and forwards across the Playstation Network. The code generator websites as they are called are hidden within chain mail message which PSN users have recieved and this is where the problems can occur. It seems that these ‘spam’ messages include a message that entices users in with messages such as ‘Free PSN Content’ and also a link to click. Once the link is clicked, this is where the ‘code generator’ part comes in and can cause some serious damage like some users have found out.

One ironstarmovement staff member, Dom Guerrera was hit very badly by this scam and his credit card was a victim of fraudulent activity with $350 worth of content from the Playstation Store that he didn’t authorise. You can see a screen capture of his email account with a huge amount of Playstation Network purchases that he didn’t authorise by clicking here.

The guys over are ironstarmovement have listed a few tips on what to do if you think the same situation might be happening to you or anyone else you may know –

  • Delete your credit card information off of your PlayStation Network account using the official PlayStation website.
  • Change your email and password for your PlayStation Network account using the official PlayStation Network website.
  • Contact Sony PlayStation customer services, also contact your credit or debit card customer service representative.
  • Check your email tied to your PlayStation Network account for suspicious purchases.

As a precaution to these unknown hacks on against PlayStation Network users we recommend that you:

  • Delete any random chain messages, even if they are from friends. There is a way to view a small segment of messages sent to you on the PlayStation Network. If you suspect a message to be a chain letter containing the hack view the message (WITHOUT OPENING IT) by pressing (x) twice on the sent user’s profile.
  • Block users who send you chain messages.

Some people will say things like “That would never happen to me!” or “How stupid can someone be to not spot that!” but the fact of the matter is, it DOES happen and it can happen to anyone so a heads up is always a good thing.

A big thanks again to the guys over at ironstarmovement.com for keeping everyone up to date with this situation and click here for their full article.

Click here for the forums.

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