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Happy To Welcome You Back


It’s a year when the PES community will see a stream of people come back, and where interest will once again be super high for a PES game.

It’s more than wavered over the past few years, and rightly so. With the drop in form many fans have fled to rival camps, and turned their back on a series that once gave so much. Loyalty to any game is hard to find these days, and Konami found that even the most loyal fans would wander after a disappointing hat-trick.

But things change, and people change. With us being football fans at heart, any game related to the sport we love will be noticed – at least at the start. When PES 2011 finally gets unveiled in the not too distant future, it will raise eyebrows and get everyone clamoring for info.

So I just wanted to put it out there, and make everyone aware that we’re more than happy to welcome you back. Everything should be just how you left it 😉

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