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Have A Little Respect, Journo's!


Seriously, I’m pi$$ed. All the rubbish so called professional journalists are spouting can get anyone irate, what with calling us PES fans blind, or fanboys. I mean, how impartial can a statement like that be? And how much respect do you stand to lose by not being able to see faults and positives in both games?

Rather than simply trying to dumb down the fanbase to their unintelligent level, shouldn’t they try to understand why people would sway away from EA’s recent offering? Not only does it offend the people who prefer a more complete and bug-free single player experience, it’s very disrespectful to a company that’s given so much for over a decade, and visibly working hard to get back on track.

I’m not trying to say criticism isn’t welcome, it’s what has finally made Konami see sense after all, but some of the statements have been ridiculous. When PES 2010 hit some low scoring reviews were accompanied by statements like “only blind PES fanboys would play this over FIFA”, and they’re still being repeated.

Excuse me?

How anyone could be bold enough to say something like that is beyond me. Self-righteousness on that level is usually saved for forum posts from people hiding behind their computer desks. The flaws of PES 2010 are clear, and easy for someone enough to attack it from all angles – that isn’t something I’m objecting to. What I can’t accept though is that someone could be so single-minded in a review, especially when writing it for a well established gaming site.

Maybe it’s to be expected, these were the same people who totally missed the flawed single player experience. What FIFA fans found in a session of playing manager mode, the press totally missed throughout writing their review. They also missed the continuous repeated AI routine’s, sloppy defensive AI (oh look, right back is staying 10 yards further back again to play everyone onside), and lack of consistent player and team individuality. But I don’t want this article to be focused on FIFA’s flaws.

I play PES for a few simple things. That’s player representation, team individuality, single player experience and a feeling of satisfaction when scoring a goal – all of which is easy to see and accept. PES 2010 is a long way away from the qualities of PES5/6, but it doesn’t mean the good can’t be seen in the flawed experience. There’s a whole host of flaws FIFA that has stopped me from enjoying that game, like I mentioned in the above paragraph (including over physicality), but I wouldn’t be so rude and brand those people with a derogatory term.

My point is, the press should be able to understand why people play PES over FIFA, rather than brand us as blind. Thats just lazy journalism, as well as making them look very silly.

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