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Havok Technology to Power PES 2014


Havok, who are a leading provide of 3D interactive game development technology have joined forces with Konami to power the most realistic football game in PES 2014.

They will provide advanced physics, animation and cloth simulation technologies to deliver a true-to-life and graphically advanced football title.

Each players intricate movements are naturally represented according to the individual player’s mass and physique, and each uniform reacts realistically according to the players’ moves and speed thanks to the fantastic technology offered by Havok and the work from the dedicated PES team.

Arnaud Saint-Martin, Asia Regional Director at Havok stated:

Player movements and physics are key components of a lively game, so it’s a true honor for Havok to power these elements in Konami’s incredible PES 2014. The Pro Evolution Soccer team has been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in a football game, and in these years, Havok has worked with this talented team to integrate Havok’s technology to help take the realism of PES even further. We think football fans will appreciate how Havok technology will blur the line between the sport and simulation, and provide a football experience that looks as real as can be.

Tadahiro Manmoto, Asia Developers Relation Manager at Havok added:

Pro Evolution Soccer needless to say is a leading sports franchise played worldwide, It is really an honor that PES 2014 integrated Havok technologies to bring even more advanced experiences to football fans all over the world. I’m confident players will be excited by more realistic representation of players in the field.  We are so proud that Havok technologies and dedicated support helped make it possible.

What do you think about Havok technology powering PES 2014? Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

Source: Havok (Thanks to WENB Spain for pointing this out to us)

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