Hawken Explodes onto Xbox One


505 Games have today announced that Hawken is now available as a free download on the Xbox One.

This new mech combat game comes featuring incredible alien landscapes, customizable and upgradable mechs, and dynamic experiences across multiple competitive game modes. For a one week only, a Founder’s Bundle is available at an incredible value and includes access to additional mechs, weapons, and currency. The Founder’s Bundle includes the following:

  • Early access to a fully upgraded G2-Charge mech with an exclusive skin
  • The Vanguard heavy mech
  • 50 consumables and holo taunts
  • 1,275 MC (hard currency) for buying additional mechs
  • 5,000 HC (soft currency) for upgrading player’s favorite mechs

The PlayStation 4 version will be available on July 8th. Let us know your thoughts on Hawken in the comment section below.

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