HBO Go Gets Xbox 360 Teaser Trailer


For those of you Xbox 360 owners in the US that love watching all of your favourite shows on HBO, then you will pleased to know that a teaser trailer for the upcoming digital TV service app, HBO Go for the Xbox 360 has been released.

The service stars in North America on April 1ST and will give Xbox 360 owners with a HBO cable subscription and new HBO Go subscribers, access to most of their favourite TV shows that have also aired on the broadcasters dedicated cable TV channel. HBO has said that the app for the Xbox 360 will give customers access to over 1400 programs which will include HBO original series, sports, blockbuster hits and much more. Revealed in the trailer below shows that Kinect can be used on the app with both motion control and voice recognition supported. Unfortunately, the HBO Go service will only be available in the US. Check out the teaser trailer below.


Source: CVG.


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